Management/Our Board

Late Mr. G.R. Patil

Founder Secretary - Adv. Late Mr. Gorakh Rupla Patil. (G. R. Patil Sir) was bom in a farmer family on 20th May, 1940. He began his education by overcoming financial difficulties. However, he was attracted towards the high horizons in the education, that made him to study hard without losing it to any difficulty. He achieved M.Com, B.Ed, as well as LLB Degrees. Sir joined ordinance factory at Ambernath during Indo-China war. Afterwards he got job at Premier Company in 1964. There he handled the trade union in really effective manner but he could not tolerate workers fighting among themselves instead of with the management and thus, he resigned the union leadership and the job as well.

Smt. Sharadini Thakur

President - Smt. Sharadini Thakur (Madam) Experience as the one of the most efficient contemporary academic administrators in Mumbra has helped the board to be current and updated in all its endeavours. With her exemplary enthusiasm and energy level and with her presence has added the sort of value to the activities of the board which would have, otherwise, been difficult to find.

Shri. Anil G Patil

Joint Secretary

Shri. Sunil G Patil


Shri. Milind G Patil

Honorable Trustee

Smt. Mankarnika G Patil

Honorable Trustee